Tear-Jerking Success Story! Louise in Congo

We all love a good tear-jerking success story, don’t we? This Success Story features a woman named Louise who was ostracized because she was raped… how brutal is that!? Keep reading……

A Different Kind Success

At a conference in 2013 thousands of dollars were raised in support of the Tumaini Project – helping women in Congo, Africa re-establish their lives after trauma.

One such lady was Louise Kifame – a lady who was raped three years prior. Culturally, as a rape victim in Congo, you are seen as an outsider and ostracized. But because of the Tumaini Project and the help of hundreds of people on the other side of the world,


Louise is now attending nursing school – her lifelong dream. Hope was found, and the trajectory of her life has now been changed.

success story louise congo tumaini

She wrote this letter of thanks to her sponsors:

I’m very excited to be living my dream! I was raped 3 years ago, but God can touch someone I never met to change my life around. Thanks for accepting to become my father. May God increase the resources of my sponsor and bless him and all his family. I will pray for you every day. I believe I will meet him and Jodi one day.

Thank you so very much to Mike and your wife Jodi. Such acts of love are those that makes God to smile. The bible says, God is love and what you did expressed the love in your heart. So You have God in you. All our community is grateful and we are praying for you.

You are the blessing!

May God bless you amazingly! 


This is how Mike & Jodi learned of Louise. It’s a screenshot of the video that was shown at the conference about Louise’s story:

success story of louise in congo


This Success Story of Louise is inspiring us to do more, raise more money, and help more people!