“Set the Solitary in Families”

Foster Care in Kenya
With the world the way that it is right now, in the middle of a pandemic, we all understand more than ever that we need family. Isolation has made it very clear that for our mental health, we need to surround ourselves with people we love and those who love us.
Psalm 68:6 says “God sets the solitary in families”
In Kenya, we have children living at the Kenya Dream Centre, waiting their turn to move into a family. Our Social Worker, Anastacia, is doing a great job at transitioning the children into loving Kenyan families. Here are two children who were recently transitioned:

1. Ruel

Ruel at his new homeRuel and his new parents

Ruel was abandoned under a footbridge by an unknown person when he was just 1 day old. We rescued him and took good care of him at the Kenya Dream Centre.

Four months ago a young couple came for a visit to the Dream Centre and both became passionate about fostering a child. Anastacia took them through the process and matched them with Reul. They started bonding two months ago and on December 1, 2021, Ruel moved into their home! They don’t have any children of their own, so Ruel is their firstborn. The couple is soo excited and happy to receive him into their family!

2. Chala

Chala on the lap of her new parentsChala and her new parents

Chala was abandoned in a hospital by her mom who walked out after giving birth to her. We rescued, loved, and took good care of her. A few months ago, a couple who was referred to us by a friend came to enquire about the process of how they can adopt a child. Anastacia walked them through the guardianship legal process. They requested a girl over 2 years old. They were matched with Chala. With regular visits to the Dream Centre, they began to bond with Chala. On December 2, 2021, Chala moved out and into her new home. Chala was a bit nervous at first to be in a new home, but she soon relaxed. She loves attention and to be cuddled. There was lots of cuddling happening.
We are so grateful for these two couples who graciously took these cuties into their home and we pray all the best for them in this transition time!