It is a Miracle That Sebastian is Alive!

5 month old Sebastian

It is a Miracle That Sebastian is Alive

At the Kenya Dream Centre, our team is rescuing babies being thrown away or abandoned. There are so many different situations, many of which are hard to imagine. Here is a story of one of the children who has come through a lot.

Fraternal twins, Sebastian and Chelsea, were rescued in October 2018 from a mother who abandoned them because she couldn't care for them. They were born early and Sebastian only weighed 2kg (4.4lbs) at 2 months old! He had so many complications we thought he would die! He had blood and staph infections, Tuberculosis, fevers and more and his body would not put on weight for a long time. Even at his first birthday, his hands and feet were still the size of a newborn!

It is a miracle that Sebastian is alive. 

His sister Chelsea, who appeared more healthy and thriving caught a blood infection, she sadly never survived it!

Sebastian, however, continued beating the odds! He is determined and continues to soldier on. At two years old, everyone celebrated as he walked for the first time all by himself! How exciting and what a miracle!

What a playful and happy little boy - although it's hard to tell in the pictures because he doesn’t like smiling for the camera!

We are so grateful to all who continue to support this work, so kids like Sebastian can have a chance to live.

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When a baby is rescued, we want to help them immediately. If you would like to sponsor one of the next babies rescued, please join the waiting list and we will call you when you're next!

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