Mariam’s Life Struggle


Mariam was a Muslim and a prostitute. Her cycle of sexual abuse began at the age of 14 when she was abandoned by her single mom. She was taken in by a woman where she worked as a maid. It is in this house that Mariam was first raped. In my interview with Mariam she explains:

“I was too frightened to tell anyone what had happened and held everything inside for years.  At that time, I did not realize how devastating that event was to become in my life, leading to a succession of problems emotionally and spiritually. Eventually, the things that were hidden deep within me escalated into a dual addiction of alcohol and prostitution.”

Soon Mariam moved out of that house and went to stay with a group of other ladies that were deep in prostitution life. It was during that time that she became involved with any kind of men that approached her for sex and paid her small amounts of money that she used to buy food. Her addictions to drugs and alcohol had increased to the point that she would strip naked before men and would boldly line up outside a bar ready for sex.

Mariam recalls the worst moment that ruined her life, she narrates:

“One night, my friends had a drinking party at one of the houses in the slum, and I went to join them. After too much drinking and on my way to where I lived, I found myself in an open field surrounded by three men around me who took turns raping me. I wanted to scream but there was no way to escape, one held my mouth, the other my hands while they watched their colleague rape me repeatedly.  I was trapped, both physically and emotionally. When they were done, they told me they would kill me if I ever told anyone. Even though I did not know Jesus at the time, I know He had his hand on me. I managed to crawl to a nearby road and through the help of a passerby, I was taken to hospital and treated. My private part was damaged. Thank God that no sexually transmitted disease was detected, but months later, I found myself pregnant.”

Mariam found herself at a crossroad. Her friends deserted her, no one was there to help her, she was lonely and thoughts of killing herself started filling her mind. She tried twice without success. At three months of her pregnancy, she decided abortion could be a solution. It was at this point that she came across the HOME OF HOPE sign that is near an illegal abortion clinic.  She called us and that was the beginning of her turning point.

Mariam was provided with a place to stay, food and multivitamins. Both emotional and spiritual counseling were given and today Mariam is alive, with a beautiful baby girl named Hanna Grace Pendo (Pendo is Swahili for love.) She was empowered financially through a HOH Microloan and was able to start a clothing business. Her life has totally changed; she has been delivered from alcoholism, drugs and prostitution and is continually being healed from the emotional wounds of her past. She is now a born again Christian living a Godly life and loving her baby, she is happy to tell this story today!

Mariam wants to reach other young girls who are in the bondage she was. She has helped us bring together many Muslims to our weekly counseling group. She wants to learn better how she can win them to Christ and live a godly life. She is optimistic now and desires to get married and enjoy life with her family. She wants to be a good mother and role model to many young ladies.

God has changed Mariam’s life and she is eternally grateful. However, there are hundreds of thousands of young women and girls who are trapped in the horrible world of prostitution.

Article written by George Akelo


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