PRESENT NEED: Severe Famine in Malawi

Malawi and Mozambique are countries stricken by famine/drought (Oct 2016). The government declared a national emergency in April, 2016 and has provided some food, but the people do not know if more help is coming.

Corn is Malawi’s staple food. Due to flooding one year and drought other years, their last corn harvest was in March 2013 – 3 1/2 years ago. They have been surviving the last years by selling their goats, pigs and cattle, but they have nothing left to sell. Those who are strong enough, go to the bush to find fire wood to sell.

Most affected are the children, women and elderly living in remote villages.

People are really suffering and famine has reached a critical point. Their daily life is miserable and hopeless. Most are eating just the bush fruits once each day and each night they try to sleep with empty stomachs.

Chronic malnutrition in children will stunt their growth and delay mental development and reduce cognitive capacity. Their hunger now will affect their future.

joseph-starving Joseph is about 8 years old, but looks much younger. He lives with his grandmother, age 82. Joseph is not attending school because he must spend his day going to houses begging for food.
mavuto Mavuto, age 17, collecting bush fruits, normally eaten by animals, from a dry and barren land. He is but one of hundreds, desperately trying to provide for their families. Those who can, walk 15km to find water fruit.
One of our leader’s nephew was recently killed by a crocodile.
So desperately hungry, children are willing to accept the danger of pulling plants in crocodile infested rivers.
malawi-group Funds will be sent by Home of Hope directly to our people in Malawi – to purchase and distribute food to the most desperate.

“Where you live should not determine whether you live, or whether you die.” ― Bono


Goal: minimum $1000 CAD sent each month for a minimum of five months.


Article written by: Florence Thomson