A Story of Increase (Carol’s amazing idea)

What a great fundraising idea!

You’ll never pass money on the street again.

In May 2014, Carolyn and Brent McAllister were wandering Parkland Mall in Red Deer, when they happened upon a ten-dollar bill in the middle of the hallway. It almost appeared as though someone had planted it there.

Knowing that $10 wouldn’t drastically change their lives, the McAllisters decided to offer it to God and trust that He would do something with it. They bought a few chocolate bars and bags of chips with the money and started a snack program at her work, to raise money for Home of Hope’s feeding program.

Within a year, that simple ten-dollar bill has become $826, or 826 meals for children in desperate need. Thanks to honesty and support from the staff at Inland Concrete, hundreds of children will have a full belly when they go to bed at night.

What simple thing do you have that God could multiply?

Article written by: Lani Lupul