How can your money make the biggest impact?

People are always asking us, “how can my money make the biggest impact?” or saying “I can’t give much, but I want to make a difference.”

Right now, one of our biggest needs is for our international staff – caregivers, nurses, teachers, drivers, bookkeepers, etc.
You can sponsor ONE child every month, OR you can sponsor a staff member caring for HUNDREDS of children!
We are so thankful for the many sponsors who sponsor a child. But, how can we continue to sponsor more children without having the funds to pay the person making sure the children are actually getting what they need?


So, how can your money make a bigger impact? Sponsor Beatrice who absolutely LOVES her job teaching the Dream Centre kindergarten kids and tutoring the older kids so that they are all successful and love learning. 
Sponsor Esperance who not only cares for 8 orphans in a duplex, but also oversees all of the caregivers in all of our many locations in Rwanda. (UPDATE: Esperance is fully sponsored now!)You may not be able to give more than $100/month to help these amazing staff members, but if a bunch of people can give what they can, we will be able to increase a whole lot faster!

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