Desperate children being fed – June2014

The Feeding Project is one of the many ways that Home of Hope is helping desperate children. Most of the locations are being sponsored $320 each month, which feeds at least 400 children a month. This project is changing the lives of thousands of children. It is a source of hope for them and many will walk for miles each week, even risking their lives for the hot meal.

This extremely malnourished girl walks for miles to get to the feeding program. At her age, walking for hours is dangerous because there are many kidnappers in the area and she has been attacked twice. Two local people now walk with her to ensure that she gets to and from the feeding program safely.
This is Matthew, he is 2 years old and lives with his father. His mother was murdered after being raped. Their life is very hard but they are now attending the nearby church and Matthew loves the Feeding Program!
Esther is almost 2. Her mother threw her away into the dump where her auntie then picked her up. Her auntie is a widow in a refugee camp.
This is Papy, he is one year old. His parents both died and he lives with his 17 year old sister. Him and his sister walk 15km each Saturday for the feeding program and again on Sunday to come to church.


Article written by: Erika Shenner

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