Campuses are growing – 2014


Children in the slums of Korogocho (near Kariobangi, Kenya) are sponsored and have a future because of generous people in Canada. But, one thing that Home of Hope strives to do is not to just give money to the poor, but to teach the poor how to make money for themselves! With many teams going up each year, a large focus is on business and financial training for adults.

The Kariobangi campus has shown great results from simply managing money and relying on God instead of the Canadians. As George, the Word of Life Kariobangi Pastor said, “I want to thank you for your continual training on how we can do it on our own without depending on Canadians… For pastors who are trying and might be overwhelmed, my belief is if we can come together in prayer,… we can see our campuses succeed and gather in better places.”

It is so awesome to see a campus come together with a common goal and succeed. Pastor George referred to this project as a ‘massive mountain’ because the majority of their church comes from the slums and extreme poverty. But this did not stop them! They now have a large church building with steel walls and a roof with plenty of chairs. They can now do the things they have wanted to do for years – one is to start a feeding program! With the campus growing more each week, they now have a bigger building to meet in.

This campus is such an encouragement to the other campuses that nothing is impossible! Seeing their success of starting to fundraise 7 months ago, to now having it almost finished is awesome.

Article by: Erika Shenner

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