Director Brian Thomson is the reason Home of Hope exists today. His passion for helping children is contagious and inspiring. Hear from his heart in this new series "From Brian's Heart" - a quick video each month with updates, stories that touched his heart and maybe even a few tears.

December 2021

On Brian's heart:
-Celebrating 15 year Anniversary of Home of Hope!
-Goal to feed 10,000 children a Christmas meal!
-Thankful for Home of Hope supporters in 2021

September 2021

August 2021

May 2021

On Brian's heart:
-Shocking story of God's protection
-Starting a church every week, which allows us to help more children!
-Almost done his BOOK!

April 2021

This month is a bit different because Brian preached at Home Church Red Deer and gave Home of Hope's "why". Don't miss it!

March 2021

February 2021

On Brian's heart:
-Four Building Projects happening right now
-Helping kids on the streets of DRCongo
-New BOOK Project! (Exciting!)

January 2021

On Brian's heart:
- Can we help 5000 new children this year?
- Stories that motivate Brian to help these 5000 children

December 2020

Merry Christmas from Brian & Connie Thomson!

Present Needs

Send your prayer requests to and we will believe with you for miracles!

November 2020

On Brian's heart:

- Sponsor a Child
- Microloan Co-ops
- Orphanage in India transitioning to Boarding School
- Kariobangi land and building

On Brian's heart:
Brian is quarantined right now and wanted to update supporters on what is going on.


October 2020

On Brian's Heart this month:

- Emergency Fund
- Renew your support

Welcome to Brian's Dining Room!
In this 2-minute video, Brian gives us updates on the book he's writing and on the goal of helping 5000 kids this year. It's an emotional one at the end! Check it out!










On Brian's heart:
- Update on the book he's writing
- Goal of helping 5000 more children this year
- Thankful for donations of any size - even $5 and $20

On Brian's heart:
A sneak peek into recording for his book, Meant 4 More!

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