The Impact of a Rescue and Some Love (George’s story)

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George is a perfect example of the impact of a rescue and some love.

George is so special. He was one of the first kids rescued at the Dream Centre. Look at how tall and handsome he is now with his Home of Hope Family Unit!

He's always been so adorable and strong - with the best smile that lights up his face!

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A long-time supporter of Home of Hope, Jocelyne Babin, said this: "George is looking amazing! It’s such a blessing to see the impact of love and nurture in the life of these children! George is a wonderful example of the transformation … abandonment to belonging… alone to family… Hopeless to hope-filled.

Thank you, Ben and Rachel, and all of the siblings in this beautiful family for being there for one another, and for loving each other. We are so proud of you all. Thank you to all at the Dream Centre and Home of Hope for making it all possible."

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Let's back up and get to know George's a little bit.

In 2011, George's mother was, unfortunately, dying of cancer when he was just a year old. Sick and desperate, she was planning to abandon him in the 30-acre garbage dump of Nairobi, Kenya. Thankfully, someone told her about the Kenya Dream Centre and she gave custody to us.
And we are we ever glad that George was added to the family and rescued! This guy grew up singing, dancing and laughing - which is always contagious for the people around him. George has done exceptionally well in school and is working towards being a teacher!
george ushindi dream centre thank you for blessing me
In 2018, George and a few other children were put together into a "Family Unit" with Samuel & Beatrice.
(George is the boy in front in the orange shirt)
George and his dad love playing catch together and kicking a soccer ball around.
family unit dream centre ben rachael

How different his life looks since his rescue. What a powerful impact of a rescue!

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There are 3 Family Units

George is in one of the 3 Family Units in Home of Hope Kenya. If you would like to help a family unit, please contact us today!