Every Home of Hope sponsor/partner is most welcome and encouraged to fundraise! There are so many projects that are constantly needing funds to continue. Pick a project that is close to your heart and we can send you materials needed for your event.

If you are interested in helping and would like more information about a certain fundraiser, please email info@homeofhope.ca.



May2014: We were connected with Ever-Green Greenhouse who brought baskets and planters for sale and took all remaining baskets back with them. We sold the hanging baskets for $22 and the planters for $30. Red Deer Lodge generously provided their parking lot for free and did some advertising for us as well. We contacted all of the radio stations a month and a week prior and put up a Kijiji ad. Family Movie Night Nov2013: A couple of team members worked together to show a family-friendly movie. The movie should always be free (legally cannot charge) and charge for the concession. Local bank (Servus Credit Union) provided a popcorn machine for free. All snacks have a price, but donations were encouraged. Advertised on Facebook, flyers, and word of mouth.


Ride for Refuge organizes many locations of 10 km cycling.
“Captains” doing the cyclothon collect pledges for a non-profit organization of their choice and all cycle together.


Cosmos in Red Deer has large blue boxes around the city that collects bottles for a different local non-profit organization every month. HOH is now in their rotation of organizations for approx a month a year. They do all of the work and give us a cheque at the end of the month. Apr2014 $1240 was raised!

Go door to door with HOH flyers, telling people about the charity and collecting bottles.


City Life Christian Church in Leduc have a yearly garage sale in their sanctuary to raise funds for different projects. It takes quite a few of volunteers to organize the items, put price tags out, advertise, answer questions, help with traffic, etc. Lots of money can be made doing this. They advertised in the newspaper, on Facebook and on Kijiji.
Dawn, the coordinator, made this rough document of her notes from the event.

Or, at your next home garage sale, have a donation box for Home of Hope.


Dominos Pizza helps fundraisers with a low cost on pizza, pop, etc. Other pizza places may do this in your area as well.


Certain malls will allow non-profit organizations to have a free booth in an aisle for a full day. Please contact your local mall and find out what they are able to do. You could sell an item (baking, food, clothing, product, etc)


Sports: Basketball, Soccer, etc. Charge per head

Cards: (recommended for winter) secure an area with lots of tables and charge per head (Please no gambling or raffles)


May2014: One of our sponsors made beautiful jewelry and sold it for donations to Home of Hope. It was held in Athabasca, AB and online (Instagram). She made $1620 for the Stella Project!


Instead of taking birthday gifts or Christmas presents, ask your family and friends to give a donation to Home of Hope. We can send a card for each donation saying “A donation has been given on your behalf…”

(picture) These two siblings had a joined birthday pajama party – they asked their guests to bring pajamas, toys, and shoes for children in Africa instead of brithday presents! (it was their idea!)


A unique idea that Larissa from Leduc, AB had, was to throw a “Piggy Party”. She made all kinds of pig-shaped goodies and raised funds for pigs for her to deliver to desperate children when she was in Africa.


Plan a ladies pampering night out!
Recruit volunteers who have an interest in providing manicures, pedicures & 5 minute massages all by donation. A great way to raise money for HOH & a fun way to catch up with friends & neighbours!

Super easy fundraising idea!
Recruit a group of people (teens especially) interested in helping Home of Hope & offer babysitting services for a night or two with wages going to HOH!

Great fundraiser idea for a Church or large workplace.
Volunteers make boxed lunches or suppers & then they are sold for donations to Home of Hope!

Coordinate with a store or mall to provide gift wrapping by donation to HOH.

Having a fundraiser as your Christmas party is a wonderful way to celebrate the spirit of the Christmas season. And since fundraisers are just parties with a purpose, everyone will have a blast as they help out a worthy cause!CHRISTMAS FUNDRAISER INVITATIONS
Send an invitation that will catch everyone’s attention, and get you on their busy holiday calendars. Apersonalized Christmas invitation is perfect! It would be great sent in a small gift box, (who could resist a party when the invitation is in a gift box?!)  Party411.com also has some great VIP Backstage passes and ticket invitations that can be used as a unique invite.
Make sure to mention the preference on the invitation to the event;
“Donation of $10 at the door” for Home of Hope, “. You may also want to include tax-deduction information, a description of the organization, and any sponsors and donors.