Private Prayer Requests for Home of Hope & Home Church International


Click here to see the prayer list from the January 2024 prayer night.


  1. Staff/Caregivers: Our biggest need right now is for sponsors for our Caregivers at the Kenya Dream Centre and other staff/team members.
  2. April Trip: Pastors Brian Thomson and Jacob Stewart are in Kenya doing the final few of 14 evangelism/healing crusades. Brian's voice is needing prayer. Please cover them both and their families in prayer.
  3. Sponsors: We pray every week for our amazing sponsors. Many need jobs, healing, restoration and God's blessing. Would you agree with us for miracles for them?
  4. Goal for 2024: We aim to help 5000 more children annually through our projects: monthly sponsorship, feeding program, shoes, yearly medical health cards, animals, microloans and more.
  5. Malawi: We have officially started Home of Hope Malawi! Please pray over all of the kids, our international team and the new building that is being renovated.
  6. Tanzania: We are praying for the $3000 needed to officially start Home Church in the country of Tanzania. One of the government rules to register is all churches need to own land. 
  7. Next Mission Teams: Please pray with us that the right people go on the next teams: November and April 2025


Feel free to email us with questions or your prayers. We would love to agree with you for miracles!