Giving at Christmas – Dec2011

It never ceases to amaze me what people are willing to give to someone they don’t really know.  They may know this person through someone, or hear about a project or a need from a story they hear, or even hear of someone else’s experience and decide “I have to do something.”  That is what seems to be the story here.
A couple who so kindly gave a good sum of money to Home of Hope decided that they too needed to do something for people they have never met. They send in the funds hoping that it would be used towards electronics that are so in need in the projects that Home of Hope manages. In true HOH fashion the money was put to immediate and much needed use. The people that benefited are pictured above and their faces say it all.  The money was divided up between laptops, cameras, memory cards, MP3 players and some adapters for use in the Home of Hope areas to enable them to communicate with the Canadian office. A team of 13 people were in Rwanda and Kenya the first part of December and were able to pass on the items purchased to people who were truly thankful and somewhat surprised at this blessing. Their life will be made fuller and easier by this generous donation.
The people who received the benefit from this donation are not just those in the picture. The effect of this donation is so large you can’t see it. It benefited the office workers, the children, the laborers, the food program workers, the children who come to the food program, the widows, their households, the pastors and their families, etc, etc.  It just keeps on going. And for the future as well.

You too can have this kind of effect. Christmas is almost upon us and we are on the countdown to send gifts over to the children and workers of Home of Hope International. Please consider what you could do and contact us. We are waiting for your call and so are the many people of Rwanda, Kenya and India.

Article written by: Lee MacBean