“Just Start with One”

Deb, a wonderful Home of Hope supporter, said that she dreamed of being able to make a huge impact. She had a huge vision to not just “help”, but she wanted to sponsor a whole orphanage. How was this going to be possible? She started plotting ways to make more money so that she could reach this goal.

One day, she was feeling a bit discouraged that she wasn’t making money as fast as she would like, and she felt like God said, “Just start with ONE”.
So, she started sponsoring ONE child with Home of Hope and as her business grew, she started sponsoring one more, one more, one more.

Look at their Facebook page and the album they have about the children that her company sponsors now: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.482600041813729.1073741825.333781750028893&type=1&l=3e12e31e8f
“The more clients we get, the more kids we can sponsor!” is one of their mottos – how awesome is that!?
Deb knows each of the childrens’ names, stories, and regularly asks how they are doing.

Everybody loves a good local business that gives back! Thank you We Clean for your support and for how much you care!

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