Ejidiah – No Longer a Prostitute

Ejidiah Wangare was born into a family of seven, her parents separated when she was young marking the beginning of her hard life. She admits that the tough situation at home caused her to run away from home in order to find satisfaction elsewhere.

At 17 years old, she joined a group of ladies who lived in prostitution. This became the way of life for Ejidiah, and since she had no other means to survive, she sold herself to men who paid her a small amount of money just to buy enough food for the day.

Ejidiah recounts to us with pain and shame how the situation would compel them to sleep with even more than one man in order to earn enough to pay their bills.

Sometimes the women would be arrested by the city officials who further abused them, raped them and stole their money. She claims that some of them would force them to undress and walk naked in the street for everyone to know they are prostitutes.

Even though all this would happen to them, this was their only way to survive and they continued to do what they knew.

One night, Ejidiah recalls a certain client who agreed to the terms and conditions, but instead raped her without protection, resulting in pregnancy. This to her was unexpected, she immediately thought that abortion was the only way out. She states: “With the kind of life I was living, I could not have cared for the child. I could not depend on my friends to support me during the pregnancy.”

Ejidiah saw our Home of Hope sign saying “Don’t Throw Away Your Baby” one day while walking in the slum. She called the number on the sign thinking she would be helped with the abortion. Instead, we counseled her and talked to her about the message of hope. At first it was difficult but through consistency in our meetings with her, she decided to give birth to the baby.

She was helped with the hospital bills and later gave birth to a handsome baby boy. The sponsor named him Gideon Nassor. Gideon is now 2 years old.

Three months after giving birth, she continued with the business training which helped her qualify for a microloan to start a business.

Ejidiah buys materials, makes both small and medium sized bags to sell and make money. She is no longer a prostitute.

The picture is showing some of her bags being sold to one of the visiting team members from Canada.

Today, Edijiah is a new person and still here to share her story. Through spiritual counseling, she gave her life to Christ and is now very committed to God, who she believes saved her life. It is quite amazing to see how a person’s life can be transformed within a short period of time simply because somebody cared.

Her desire is to be a successful businesswoman who owns a shop selling art works, bead work, etc. She also wants to be useful in helping other ladies who are bound into prostitution get out and live a better life. She is grateful that she was helped to see God’s destiny for her life fulfilled.


 Article written by: George Akelo


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