$50 sponsors a child

This provides basic care for the children.

The children shown here are in order of most desperate.
**The Kenya Dream Centre children require more because each child requires more care plus housing, healthcare, medication and schooling.

Sponsor child home of hope carine rwanda

Rwanda: Carine Uwamurera

Age: 9
Carine is known for her big heart and kind spirit! Both of her parents died of HIV/AIDS and she has no living relatives. She loves to help others and dreams of becoming a doctor when she grows up so she can always help others! She loves to laugh and has the ability to always make new friends. Carine enjoys playing tennis, singing, and dancing at church! She loves having fun and especially enjoys her quiet time with her Bible!

Sponsor Soleil Mugiwaneza Home of hope child donate rwanda

Rwanda: Soleil Mugiwaneza

Needs $100/month (or two sponsors of $50)
Age: 11
Soleil's parents both passed away very closely together when she was just a young girl. Her mother had malaria & her father they believe had an aneurysm. She lives at our Cyuru family duplex and is excelling at school! She is kind hearted and known for her generosity in all she does!

home of hope

Kenya: Serena Masitsa

Needs $50/month 
Age: 8
When Serena was a baby her father got very sick and passed away. Because of the cultural customs of her fathers family that her mother did not want to do- they were disowned and unable to inherit anything from their father. Her mother, left widowed with three daughters, has struggled to provide. Serena is known for her quiet and calm nature and loving heart!

Sponsor Jean Claude Gisubizo home of hope rwanda donate

Rwanda: Jean Claude Gisubizo

Needs $100/month (or two sponsors of $50)
Age: 12
Jean Claude is a complete orphan. His father died of cancer & his mother passed away in an accident. He lives in a Home of Hope family home in Cyuru, Rwanda. He is in grade 8 and loves his geography class. He works very hard to achieve the grades he needs because his dream is to go to medical school and become a doctor! Jean Claude loves to help others,  and is always making people smile.

Home of hope
brian thomson

Kenya: Shalom Angel Juma

Needs $50/month
Age: 4
Shalom's mother was raped at age 14, resulting in her becoming pregnant. She gave birth to Shalom and abandoned her with her mother. Shalom is 4 years old, vibrant, funny, and loves to dance!

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Home of Hope Director, Brian Thomson, was the first to start sponsoring a child in Rwanda. When he was there in 2006, he met a mother who was dying of AIDS and her four children were going to be homeless and left to fend for themselves... [READ MORE]