$50 sponsors a child

This provides basic care for the children.

The children shown here are in order of most desperate.
**The Kenya Dream Centre children require more because each child requires more care plus housing, healthcare, medication and schooling.

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Dream Centre: Nicole

Needs $150/month
Age: 5 months
Nicole and her twin sister, Natalie, were brought to the Dream Centre by their young mother. She knew she couldn't care for her babies, and initially wanted to abandon them at the hospital after she gave birth. She heard about the Dream Centre and decided that would be a safe and loving place for her baby girls.

Esther Msaana

Dream Centre: Esther Msaana

Needs $150/month
Age: 7
Esther was found abandoned at the local police station. She is estimated to be about 7 or 8 years old. She was very quiet and reserved when she came to the Dream Centre but has warmed up and adjusted very well! She is known for her warm smile and willingness to always help those around her!

Matthew David Ahadi

Dream Centre: Matthew David Ahadi

Needs $50/month 
Age: 6 months
Matthew David was abandoned in a slum of Nairobi, Kenya. A woman was washing clothes by the stream when another woman asked her to watch the baby while she went to the bathroom, and the women never returned.  His name means "God is good", "Beloved" and "Promise"


Dream Centre: Natalie

Needs $150/month
Age: 5 months
Natalie and her twin sister, Nicole were brought to the Dream Centre by their young mother. She knew she couldn't take care of them, so rather than abandon them in the dump she chose to bring them to the Dream Centre. Natalie is such a good baby, loves to cuddle and sleep next to her twin sister.

Reuben Odhiambo Ochieng

Dream Centre: Reuben Ochieng

Needs $150/month
Age: 8 months

His mother, young and scared, wrestled with the idea of abandoning him in the dump since she found out she was pregnant. She really did try her best but knew she was unable to care for him physically and emotionally. She decided it would be best for her little boy to grow up loved and cared for at the Dream Centre. 

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