Any amount of sponsorship for them is appreciated ($25, $50, $100, etc) or the full amount.

Rwanda: Aime S. Habimana

Needs: $600 more per month
Aime is our Rwanda Project Manager! He works as the Children's Advocate and Program Coordinator with responsibility for providing quality basic care and supervision of the care of children, women, caregivers and programs under the Home of Hope mandate. He is qualified and brings clarity and fun to our team.

Rwanda: Dominic (HOH Home Guard)

Needs $400/month
Pastor Fidele oversees ALL of our Home Church locations across Rwanda. He is a strong leader and we are honoured to have him on our team!

Kenya: George & Janet

George risks his life to go into the slum and rescue babies who have been thrown away in the dump. He also helps desperate women who are about to throw away their babies who see our sign that says "Don't Throw Away Your Baby". He gets 10-15 calls every single day. He needs $275/month more.

Janet is the overseer of the Pregnant Mothers and Stella Project. We rescue single mothers out of the worst living conditions you can imagine, we rescue them, train them, and help them to be self-sufficient and moved out of the slum in one year. She needs $285/month more.

Rwanda: Aline Birori

Needs $650 more per month
Aline is our new Financial Administrator in Kigali, Rwanda! She has a story that will move you and a work ethic that will impress you. Aline grew up sponsored by Home of Hope, her mother one of our caregivers. She is talented and helping Home of Hope grow!

India: Ruth

Needs: $200/month
Ruth has a heart of gold. She is our administrator at Home of Hope India! She has her Bachelor in Business as well as her Master in Divinity. Ruth will be doing administration, as well as teaching the boys English and teaching computer communications, so the boys will be able to use social media to communicate with their sponsors!

India: Priscilla

Needs: $200/month
Priscilla has been faithfully on staff for over 30 years! To say she helps care for the boys at Home of Hope India is an understatement, she is "Amma" (Mom) to all the boys and loves them as her own. Priscilla raises world changers with her compassionate heart and deep love for those in need.